Afilador 3-STAGES de acero de tungsteno



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BLACKHAND® knife sharpener, with tungsten steel alloy.

Size: 20*4.8*7.5 cm.

Weight: 147 grams.

It converts the traditional act of sharpening side by side into a fast and simultaneous one.

Maintain your knife simply and quickly. The perfect angle and design allow for a better and longer lasting edge for your knives. Simple and easy to use, without the need for water or electricity, it becomes an essential product in the modern kitchen.

To sharpen knives: Place the sharpener on a firm base. With your left hand grab the sharpener by the handle and with your right hand grab the knife and position it vertically in the first slot. With controlled force pull back (never push forward) several times until desired edge is achieved. Then do the same action in the middle slot to obtain the optimum edge.

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